1. papel


  2. Website!

    Hey guys and gals,

    I just opened up my website today! You can find it here: www.seasonsdev.net .

    I have a few small flash games up, some art, and my stream. I’ll be posting there so if you’d still like to see what I’m up to, put that link in your bookmarks right quick.



  3. Streaming Time + Other News


    My pixel art and game development stream will be Mondays and Wednesdays at 7pm PST from now on. I’ll still give notice on twitter.

    Also, I bought my first domain this weekend! When I get the website halfway decent I’ll be launching it with two new flash games of mine. I plan to migrate everything from my tumblr over to it. I’ll have my games, art, music, and a page where I’ll embed my stream feed/chat. I feel kind of scattered, so it will be nice to have a central location to share my stuff.


  4. Streaming

    I’ve recently gotten into streaming Dark Souls and game development. My channel is http://www.twitch.tv/seasonsdev . I don’t have any set time frames, but if you have me on twitter @seasonsdev you’ll know when I’m streaming.

    Here’s one I did tonight. Skip to 5 minutes or so because I was having some mic difficulties in the beginning.

    Watch live video from seasonsdev on TwitchTV




  6. A doodle of Space Captain McCallery.


  7. Concept doodle for a project I’m working on with the dev of Venusian Vengeance, Alec Stamos.


  8. Claustrophobia

    Making levels in such a small space has been great design practice. Periodically there will be long corridor type levels to add some variety, but there will mostly be tons of these tightly designed rooms.



  10. Coming soon.