1. Dreams

    Star Birth has been really fun to work on for a few reasons, but the main one has to be the inspiration behind it.

    On the night of October 24th I had a dream I was playing a game. When I woke up I sketched and wrote down what I remembered from my dream: 

    I played the demo for Lode Runner (xbla version) over my vacation and I think that’s where the inspiration came from.

    There were 2 enemy types you had to avoid. The pink squares were statues that could only jump between platforms vertically. I don’t remember destroying them so I think they were just meant to block your path and damage the player if one landed on you. The orange rectangles were these stone golems that could only move horizontally and would try and punch you. The blue rectangle is the player. I could jump between platforms and move horizontally. I had some basic attack to try and fend off the golems. It was very egyptian looking and had stylish lighting from torches. I guess the screen would wrap too. I might try to jam this out and see how it goes!

    This past weekend I asked Shelby Smith, who I’ve worked on a few games with previously, if he wanted to jam this thing out. I showed him the picture I drew and what I wrote down. Everything, from the aesthetic to the enemy behaviors Shelby programmed, is amazingly close to my dream.


  2. Star Birth

    I started working on a short game called Star Birth with Shelby Smith and Philip (PostPre) Lanzbom this weekend.


  3. New Pages

    I added an art and music page.


  4. Venusian Vengeance Launches


    I’ve just launched my new game Venusian Vengeance!

    Click here to go to the purchase page.

    The game takes place in an alternate history where the Communists won the space race and colonized Venus.  You must travel to Venus and discover what they are working on in their secret laboratories.  The game is inspired by schlocky 80s action games and movies.  I’ve been working on this game since near the beginning of the year, and am happy to finally be able to release it.  Hope you enjoy.


  5. Swap Gameplay


  6. Garsh

    I’m feeling all sappy toward the small corner of the indiegameverse I’ve had the pleasure of knowing. There’s so much eagerness to help each other grow. It’s rad.


  7. Cross Platform!

    Tonight I learned how to use Adobe Air to make a cross platform installer for my FlashPunk projects. I am so excite.

    Here’s Sean Hogan’s(developer of Anodyne) tutorial on the subject http://seagaia.wordpress.com/2012/09/10/making-a-flixel-game-work-cross-platform/


  8. Splash Screen

    Tonight I spent some time on making my first splash screen. 

    I joined a small collective of artists centered around making games called Braingale and we’re releasing an EP of games & music pretty soon. I’m using this splash for the first time in my entry of the EP. More details to come soon!


  9. a sight for sore eyes


  10. Swap

    coming soon